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B2B Lead Generation Lists

A lot of people ask us what is B2B Lead Generation and how will it help my business? Well, the explanation is simple B2B is Business to Business Leads which is where you will have information on other businesses that you can offer your services or products to. We are able to save you hours and hours of research if you have a product or service you want to promote to businesses in a certain area we are able to dive deep into Google and Facebook to pull out the contact information required so you are able to contact these companies and make a cold call offering what you have.

We would also like to advise all our clients don’t worry about cold calling it can be frowned upon but you are working business to business here and some businesses don’t have the time to research your product or service to a gentle knock on the door is always welcome.



Capturing New Clients

Once you have told us exactly what area you would like to keep to and what companies you would like to approach we will start out research and begin gathering the information you require. I know what you’re wondering what do we do with that information well that is also simple we can provide all the lists in a CSV file which can be uploaded to almost any mail client. Once that information has been uploaded you will be able to create a mailing list with those contact who you can keep informed with other information.

If your struggling to create the right newsletters or unable to customise them this is also a service we are able to offer to help you build them and send them on your behalf. If you would like to use them just for the phone numbers to cold-call that way that is also an option.

For a no-obligation quote on what we can offer please feel free to contact us using the contact page we will be glad to help any small business as we see if you succeed so do we and we love to see small businesses grow bigger and bigger.