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Over the past three years, we have been working on new technologies that will help small businesses. We denied starting looking into 3D printing and we are now able to offer 3D printing in plastics and rubber. 

We have recently been printing handles and inserts of e have created an amazing concept from design to finished product.

If you have something in mind or on a notepad your wanting to have made why not contact us to see if we can make your design a reality something you can hold in your hand and actually find out if it works. 

Contact James today and have a chat about the best way to proceed and find out if 3D printing is the right way forward for your idea or design.


Capturing New Clients

 We are able to create your design using CAD this will create a 3D image of your item. We can create your item to the exact measurements you require. When we discuss your idea with you we can discuss if it would be better to be made as one solid piece or in a number of pieces where it can be constructed.  

Our CAD designs are perfect for you to be able to see your finished item before it goes to print. 

For further information on designing your item please use our contact form and we can organise a conference call to discuss your requirements.



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