Social Marketing & Small Business Solutions in the UK.

Web Sites and Web Hosting Designed for your business. Over 25 years Experience in E-Commerce and Small Businesses

Social Marketing

Over the last 10 years we have been working hard with out customers in Lincoln boosting their presence on social media. We have experience boosting your Social Marketing to the right customers. Lot’s of people waste money promoting their products and services to the wrong people which can cost them a fortune this is where we come in we will help you make sure your website is set up correctly and it is doing all the work it needs to speak to the Social Networks in the correct way. Don’t forget we specialise with small busines so their won’t be big bills at the end we understand exactly how a small business feels when they receive big bills and the fear when working on something new.


Capturing New Clients

When looking to capture those new clients we can help you find them. Not only that but we can work alongside you helping you find ways to keep them and to boost your brand with them without having a customer feel smothered. Let’s be honest no one likes to feel hounded by a company with we offer this and this and this! We are always happy to speak directly with what services we think will best fit your budget. We have to also remember nothing in life is free and if it feels too good to be true it more than likely is and we believe in working the right way which will last you and your business a lifetime, not something that will last a quick 5 minutes then cost you more and more in the long run.

If you would like to reach out to us feel free to use our contact form on the contact page and we will look forward to having a friendly chat with you if it is face to face or over zoom of the phone.